Concours des Chardonnay et Pinot Noir: Challenge your wines to the best wines in the world!

Published on 2022-07-07

For more than 100 years now, the Foire internationale et gastronomique de Dijon has been an unmissable event in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region. Wine is an essential part of any good meal, so it seemed only natural to give wine its own separate event. That’s why VINIDIVIO was created in 2013. VINIDIVIO is three events in one: it is a competition, a fair and a ‘paulée’ and each edition highlights a different country. For the year 2022, the Concours des Chardonnay et Pinot Noir also wishes to focus on the terroir by inviting prestigious representatives of Chardonnay and Pinot from France, Europe and across the world.

A true opportunity for producers around the world
One of the objectives of the competition is to allow producers to see how their Chardonnay and Pinot wines measure up against other well-known vintages from around the world, because wine is a product of the producer’s know-how and the expression of the grape variety in a terroir.
The Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grape varieties, with their different expressions across the world, will be put in the spotlight during the competition.

Éric Goettelmann, Honorary President of the competition
Éric Goettelmann, France’s Best Sommelier in 2018 and Executive Head Sommelier of the Maison Loiseau, will put his expertise at the service of the competition in his capacity as Honorary President. Ambassador of the competition through the media and his profession, Eric also has the role of reminding tasters of the need to be demanding, rigorous and impartial.

Dijon Congrexpo, more than 100 years of expertise
Dijon Congrexpo brings all its expertise, and a savoir-faire carefully cultivated over more than a century, to this major event. The non-profit association is led by a dynamic and devoted team that perpetuates its founders’ spirit yet also reinvents itself, with a single goal in mind: promote local gastronomy.

Under control tasting.
All samples will be tasted in compliance with very strict hygiene measures, competition regulations and ISO9001 certification. The assurance of rigorous selection and organisation is a guarantee of quality and instils trust in consumers and wine professionals